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    I am on my second Treo 600 now and it is starting to have the same problem as the first. It will shut all power down and not power back up until you plug in a charger. When it powers back up it has done a hard reset and if you use the 5 way and go to Favorites first it does soft resets till you use the 5way in another direction. The first treo 600 did great for about 6 weeks before it started this. I have had this one about 3 weeks. Has anyone had this problem? Any Ideas whats going on?
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    It looks like you have a program that's no good. You haveto make a hard reset, & put in one or two a day & see how it works,that way you will find it.
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    The programs I have in it have been in it from the start, but it just started crashing last night. The first one did it even with nothing but the basic software that came on it.
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    As time goes by and you tinker more and more with the apps that came with the phone like the calendar and sms or email, you'll discover that the phone resets itself ALOT. And this is all with just the original software the phone came with. This along with the distortion problem on phone calls, this is pathetic. I tried to use the "Siam" Firmware 2.08 upgrade shpeal, but it seems that the program will only allow me to run it halfway and i'm stuck at an infinite loop. Sux big time.
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    But both the first and second T600 are not just doing resets, they are shutting down the power and will not power back up until you plug in an external power supply. then once the power is back on all that is left on the phones is the basic programs.

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