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    Updated Description:
    Version 1.52 (December 23, 2003)

    Includes new BackupBuddyVFS:Lite with support for OS 5 devices.

    Tungsten T3 and other OS 5 device support and compatability.

    Bluetooth HotSync support.

    TimeSync DST issue fixed.
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    backupman has worked like a charm for me
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    BackupMan is the BEST for making backups on the handheld onto the memory card.

    But the latest version of BackupBuddy is for your desktop computer. ie, it makes backups of your handheld onto your desktop computer. As many of us have learned the hard way, HotSync only backs up a portion of the info on your handheld...Backupbuddy does a COMPLETE backup, and in the case of disaster, a complete restore. This is useful to me in case my Treo is lost or stolen. In that case, the memory card will also be lost or stolen (since it's IN the Treo). However, all my data and apps will be safe on my desktop.

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