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    i have a sprint t600 (rev c) for abot two weeks now; everything is great except that once in a while, the screen flickers. lcd screens are not supposed to flicker at all. does anybody else has this problem?
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    I've had the CDMA T600 ever since October. My screen flickers at least twice a day. I've thought about sending it back but it doesn't flicker so much that it's a problem, but it's kinda annoying at times. I wonder if this is a problem for the CDMA Treos only. Are there some GSM Treos with screen flicker?
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    My GSM Treo 600 flickered too. Also got a nice screen buzz going on when I was web browsing. Wait a minute, what kind of flicker.. intermittent? I'm referring to a constant 60Hz kinda thing.
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    I to see a screen flicker whilst web browsing on my GSM, but it does not really annoy me too much. Everything else works great and I do not want to risk replacement with a lemmon.

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    exactly my problem! it flickers but it's not so much a problem that i should send it back. however, i wonder if could be a much more serious problem. since lcd's inherently do not flicker; it points to some other problem. for example (pure speculation) 1) battery power supply unstable 2) electronics that control power supply to lcd damaged 3)etc

    i have found the problem exacerbated if you go to preferences--> general-->colors and switch to some other schemes (eg nostalgia) try this ans see if your lcd flickers too.

    anyway out of the almost 50 hours of use of this baby there's flickering only for about 10 minutes so i am holding onto it for now.
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    I have the same thing with my GSM Treo. And sometimes when I've been drinking the screen seems to go crooked... I have been thinking about sending my Treo back - He he!

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