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    This evening I called palmOne cust serv again. I've called about 4x in last few weeks, constantly complaining about representations about "2-3 weeks" for release since early Oct. I won't say I was proud to beg for info, but finally, finally, I got out of csr that while he couldn't confirm ship date, he suggested that I check out the latest treocentral threads for a good unconfirmed rumor. It appears that the info about Dec. 29 for first ship date for tmo is correct. We'll all keep fingers crossed. I've wasted hours trying to figure out how I can a) not be penalized for cancellation of tmo contract b) switch to unlocked gsm phone for $399 and c) get my hands on t600 immediately. It's impossible. Tmo won and I have to wait.
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    I have learned more about the Treo here than anywhere else.
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    I know Sprint employees that come here to learn things about the T600! (Not the basics, but those things that no one knows about until actual users start messing about with things!)

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