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    So I bought the headphone adapter for the Treo 600, and am very pleased with the sound (despite some comments in other threads) But...

    Everytime I hook up my powered speakers to the adapter, it kicks off and the speaker on the Treo kicks back in. It's fine if I leave the speakers unpowered, and teh Treo can actually run them at a low volume, but I'd love to have full sound.

    Any ideas out there?
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    I have no idea, but I have been thinking about heading in the same direction with my Treo, and wouldn't have expected that. I guess I would keen on an answer now before purchasing anything...

    I know it's no help, but...

    Sorry, no buts either....
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    Aha! This explains the problem I was having today. Our department was the last to go home tonight, and so we were trying to get a little music going in the office (normally not allowed.) No Problem, I says! I whip out my T600, plug in the adapter, unplug my computer speakers, and Instant Stereo, right? Wrong! The sound starts coming from my T600 speaker.

    I thought the adapter was faulty, so I tested it with my headphones. Hmmmm. Works fine for headphones, but not for little crappy speakers. Interesting to know that it's Treo-wide, and not an adaptor problem.

    [Edited to add:] I was able to get it to partially to work, by only partially plugging in the connector from the speakers to the RS adaptor. I got mono sound from the left channel. It was better than nothing.
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    In Treo 600 Hardware, look for
    audio line-out workaround
    T650 Unbranded w/Cingular

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