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    I'm one who upgraded from the Treo 300 to 600. So I'm kind of used to disconnecting from Vison inside of any Treo web apps once I'm done with them. I've noticed that in Blazer and even the SMS tool on the Treo 600 there is no "disconnect" feature.

    Is this because the Treo 600 can manage being connected to PCS Vision better than the Treo 300 did? Does staying connected to Vision hurt my battery life at all with the 600 like with the 300?
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    im wondering the same thing
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    I believe that, because you aren't transmitting data unless you're actively downloading a site, you don't affect battery life if you're still connected.
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    You can disconnect.

    Look in the Prefs app under network.

    I don't see why you would want to. I have had no battery issues from staying connected.
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    Originally posted by dgoodisi
    You can disconnect.

    Look in the Prefs app under network.

    I don't see why you would want to. I have had no battery issues from staying connected.
    I haven't done any scientific testing but I would have to say subjectively that I have noticed a difference in battery life when I stay connected as opposed to when I disconnect manually while using my GSM Treo.
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    I was worried about apps connecting randomly and killing my battery, so I wrote an app which keeps track of data connections. It turns out that when the connection is dormant, it reconnects every couple of minutes for 11 seconds.

    Anyone else notice this?
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    an incoming call will still ring even though you're "connected", right? My understanding is that it will only go to voicemail if you're actively downloading or accessing something. Can anyone confirm? thanks,
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    Anything running including a domant internet connection is going to eat some amount of processing power. The only issue is how much. I suspect that the connection still eats a noticeable amount of battery power. I'm just wondering if anyone has any proof or facts to the contrary.

    Thanks for the tip about using Prefs to close the network connection, but as I mentioned I'm a previous Treo 300 user, so I've known about that option for over a year now . I personally like the disconnect option in my Snappermail app to close the connection.

    I have also noticed that sometimes the Internet connection will go active every now and then even when not in use. When that connection is active any call will go to VM.

    So I can't understand why the "disconnect" option that used to be a standard in web apps on the Treo 300 is not there for standard web apps on the Treo 600.
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    I also had Treo 300 and now I use 600. I used to disconnect vision but not anymore with Treo 600. There's gray bar most of the time and I'm still getting great battery life. I used to have about a day with 300 and now I can easily go over 2 days (I'm not a heavy phone user, btw). Anyway, I don't see a reason to disconnect vision now.
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    Yea I think the drain on the battery was far more noticible in the Treo 300. I think with the 600 there is some drain, but the battery is so much stronger that it does not kill the battery by day's end like with the 300. So with the 600 you can stay connected, but if you know you'll be away from the charger for a few days (like you go on a trip and forget to pack the charger) it might be good to disconnect to try and save as much battery power as possible.
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    Question... If you stay connected with AT&T can you run up $'s of connect time???

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