Hi all. I have the handspring Mail v1.02Beta email application on my Treo. It's great because you can add attachments straight from your picture database.

However, I cannot get it to receive my sprintpcs mail. It sends fine. Has anyone been able to use the Mail application to retrieve the sprintpcs mail from pop.sprintpcs.com? I get "Unable to authenticate with pop user - Authentication failed"

Also, is there an email address that when sent to will get forwarded to my SMS messaging? I set up my sprintpcs mail to forward, but it only sends me a notification that I got mail, not the actual message.


I did search the forum. I'm sure this info might be on here somewhere, but I either couldn't find it or it didn't work for me, so any advice or links is appreciated. I did try setting the pop server to use SSL, and I don't get any error message, but it also doesn't work.