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    I've just recently got my treo 600. I'm really enjoying it but have found the battery life to be less than i expected. I got Battery Graph (a small prc that shows lots of info about the battery). and what i have noticed is that the battery % full (i.e. the value that is reported when you click the batt icon on the dial pad screen) decreases very quickly. But the batt voltage stays quite high.

    Infering from the labels on battery graph it looks like a fully charged treo 600 batt has a voltage of 4180mv and a discharged batt has a voltage of about 80mv. What i am seeing is that even when the percentage full is 1-2% the voltage is still up around 3080mv. I was expecting about 3x the batt life than i have been getting, which is about 12-36hrs (admittedly with fairly heavy use since its a new toy). If i extrapolate out the voltage rate of decline the device should be lasting about 3x as long as it it.

    Has anyone else found this? has anyone found a way to get them resynced up. I've recently done a battery disconnect reset and that didn't solve (nor cause) the problem.

    thanks for any info,
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    Some recently designed batteries are intended to have a very flat voltage curve which then plummets when the battery runs out. So, I don't think you have a problem. It sounds like the battery is operating exactly as intended.
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    The nature of Lithium Ion batteries is it has a steady output/voltage almost entirely throughout the charge cycle.

    I dont think I got that info from the following link, but I do remember its the reason why the iPod battery indicator was flaky. The link is a very interesting read nonetheless.
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    OK... we'll i've never seen the voltage plummet, the most drop i've seen is probably about 10%.

    What kind of batt life are others experiencing?

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    I would agree only about 10% change in voltage through the life of the battery. I think then that there is an algorithm that calculates the percentage based upon run time after the charging and factors in the voltage then?
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