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    I have been using my 600 on cingular for around 3 three weeks now I Live in a Semi rural Area (100 Miles southwest of Chicago). I Gave up a Nokia 6340i gait phone to move Up to the 600. My service with the 600 seems Weak. Just curious if its because of My location or the Treo just has a weaker radio. I would also like the opinion of any Sprint users that are in more rural areas, We have a Sprint tower in the area & i would switch if Sprint works Better. I Cant compare it to the Nokia Because it had GSM/TDMa & Analog service.

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    Analog and TDMA digital are extra networks that can be accessed by the gait 6340i, that are not available with the GSM only treo. It may be that the 6340 was falling back on the (currently) larger tdma network when the gsm signal got weak. IMO, the gsm network will probably need expanding before you get the same service that you had with gait phone, not because the treo has a weaker radio. In the GSM area I get better service with the treo than with other gsm phones, especially since I installed that bootleg firmware upgrade.
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    FIRWARE UPGRADE ........................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Is it Available Anywhere!!!

    Please.. Please... Please
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    In the second post down by "MOL" is a direct download link.
    I would also read this entire thread to fimiliarize yourself with it before deciding to do it.
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