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    I switched from my Tungsten to the Treo 600. I was able to pull up a keyboard graphic on the screen to enter special characters like the Euro symbol etc. Is the a utility or way to getting this on the treo 600?

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    you do know that you can access these special characters by pressing down the alt button after you write a given key? ie, type "e" and then alt and it will offer you other variations to choose from. do same to get percent symbol after the # "0" or get foreign currency markers after you enter $ followed by alt...etc.
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    You could go the hack route, or just use the plain old...

    Menu / Edit / Keyboard

    There are only a few characters I've run into that I can't get to with just the standard option key - underscore and percent. I know there's a way to get at them without the keyboard (I read it somewhere here) but I don't remember it at the moment.


    p.s. KeyCapsHack600 rocks in terms of quick access to Caps and Option characters..
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    thanks I tried that and it does work well. I was also just looking for a pop up screen password which I used to have with a hack. since os 5 doesnt allow hacks I really miss it.

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