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    I usually have m phone on all day and before I had my vision working, at the end of the day i'd have about %40. Now I've got vision on most of the day (even if I manually disconnect it, it automattically pops back up later when a background chat prog activates.)

    Has anyone else experienced quick battery drain when using vision? And if anyone knows how to keep vision completely disconnected until I want it off or if there is a shortcut to disconnect it besides the system prefs?
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    From my experiences, the battery drains significantly when the Treo is out of signal range or is actively maintaining a data conection. Fortunately, I have not heard or witnessed any of the infamous "RBOD" death issues that were so prevalent with the Treo300. Most likely what is happenning is that your backround apps (i.e Chatter, Snappermail, Verichat etc) are logging and making many more active data conections whereby drainng your battery alot quicker. I suggest you either reduce the number of times you apps make active data connections (i.e. increase the polling period of snappermail for example) or use a utility like Trehelper's Drop Net settings. The latter allows you to specify the amount of time before dropping an active and non-active data connection. There's also a utility called Radio Control but I believe that only allows you to specify radio off/on times during certain periods of the day...
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