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    I havent heard anything regarding if the data stays or not?

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    I've worked with several Treo 600s that have drained out of battery, and as far as I've seen, if it goes too long drained as such, it will erase info on it just like the Treo 300.
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    yep...I never owned a 300 but my 600 lost everything when I ran it down all the way....
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    ...and why is that a surprise?

    Palms have flash memory, so you need power to keep the contents intact. Every palm os device will eventually lose data if left long enough.

    Once the low battery warning displays, you've got a few days (if you don't turn the unit on) before the battery totally drains. That is plenty of time to get to a power source.
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    I've run my 600 down several times and never lost any data or settings. I suppose if you leave it for long enough, it will wipe since it seems to use RAM for memory contents - which requires power to hold the data. Flash memory does not require any power at all to hold it's contents - witness your SD memory cards, etc.
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    I have intentionally drained the battery and lost everything. I then connected the wall charger and restored everything from the SD Card using the BackupBuddy VFS program that was on the SD Card. It works like a charm. I now have two SD Card that I keep current with all my data. One stays in the Treo and the other stays in my briefcase. The second SD card is simply a backup in case I lose the Treo (or its stolen from me.) If I lose it I'll be able to replace the device and be back up and running in no time. I would recommend this procedure to every one.

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    Happened to me once a couple of weeks ago. Drained overnight, when I woke up, all was gone. I charged up and synched with Palm Desktop and got everything back, so no big deal. But it did happen. That's the only time it's crashed and lost everything.... also the only time I've let it run out the battery.
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    I did a test a battery drain test on my 600 a while ago. See this post

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