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    Been very impressed by my Treo 600 during recent sailing trip across the atlantic. After we crossed the start line in Las Palmas I took various photos and emailed them to friends & family (basic message - "we're off") before gsm/gprs coverage got lost about 5 - 10 NM from shore.

    Then I switched off the wireless functions, and left it in my bag till we reached St Lucia 3 weeks later (apart from one lookup of an email address). And I was delighted to find when I recharged on arrival that the data was still there so the battery must have lasted all that time.

    Pretty impressive - so unlike microsoft os devices - I had a toshiba e740 which lost all data within 3 days.

    And of course with Treo 600 had all the benefits of web browsing and email to get up to date with all that had happened over last 3 weeks. All in all very pleased.
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    Just curious. What was the battery level setting when you initially turned off the Treo and what where they when you turned it back on 3 weeks later? TIA...
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    Not sure what you mean - which settings are you interested in?
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    He means your battery gauge. How high or low was it before you left, and what % was it when you got back?

    That will give us an idea of how quickly or slowly the battery drains.
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    It was fully charged at the start then I took those pictures and emailed them, and then put it aside. I didn't look much at the battery % level - I remember about half way across seeing around 33%.

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