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    Actually wondering how many of you have ordered...All tricked out with clip, personalization and shipping, it came to $137.

    I have face creams that cost more than that! LOL
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    I haven't ordered yet...still thinking about it. Not sure if it's worth the extra bucks to I-Volute, or whether the flip-case will work for me (I've always used holsters in the past).

    I'll probably have decided by the time you get yours, but please post photos of yours when you get it!
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    I'm also thinking about getting one, since my EB Slipper600 fits like crapola.

    I'm just not sure I like the ivolution since it doesn't have any protection for the front of the unit. Drop protection seems decent, but I don't know if that's enough for me. How do you like it? Does it seem protective enough?
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    pictures, oh please, pictures!!!
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    How does the Treo 600 keep from sliding out of the top of the I-Volution case?

    They ought to be ashamed of themselves!
    $80 something dollars for a case.
    It looks unique and not to bulky, but $80?
    I saw the case, and was like, "I gotta get me one of those".
    Then I saw the price.
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    Originally posted by stephman
    How does the Treo 600 keep from sliding out of the top of the I-Volution case?
    I asked Vaja this exact question on Monday. Here's their response:

    "The case for the Treo unit has been designed to fit the Treo perfectly, without any fastening. Once you introduce the unit into the case there will not be any need to secure it since it will remain securely there."

    As far as pictures go, Since it came out just a few days ago and takes about 3 weeks for delivery, I don't think Architect got her case yet (assuming it's a 'she' b/c of the face cream and tangerine/sapphire).
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    me thinks thou dost assume too much, lefish ;-).

    The ivolution cases simply fit very snugly around the phone, treo, or ipod. I'm assuming that the Treo 600 case will require a bit of encouragement to put on, but will snugly fit the Treo and will not come off. Basically, like a perfectly fit glove.

    Fit has never been an issue for me -- $88 for a palm case is just too much to swallow, for now, though. I'm going to wait a bit more. The Piel Frama case was a disaster (horrible fit) and I've decided I don't want a flip case. I'll probably end up with an ivolution if people post about how great the fit is, etc. The $$ isn't really the issue, I suppose, its more the principle of spending over $100 for a case for a palm that will be outdated within a year.
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    yeah, but how much did you spend on a palm that's going to be outdated in a year!!!??? so why not get a classy case to match!
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    I spent $399 ($599 - $200 instant rebate), plus my law firm has a Palm reimbursement policy of $200 (actually $650 if you don't have a laptop... but I do, unfortunately). Final cost to me was $199. Not terribly bad, although I am committed to a 2 year deal with Sprint.

    I did have an order in for a $78 Vaja flip case, but I cancelled that. I probably should just order the Ivolution -- we'll see how I like the $10 belkin holster I've ordered. If that sucks, I'll do ivolution.
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    Before getting one...need to ask those having it if it is possible to slide the treo with the ivolution into the cradle without have to dismentle it? Thanks and Merry Xmas.
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    The vaja web site says that it will sync with the cable, which I take by implication to be confirmation of the fact that it will not sync in the cradle while in the case.

    When you look at the case I think it is probably pretty likely that it will not sync in the cradle while in the case (I'd say 99.99876% likely).

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    I ordered the plain Jane black on black one yesterday. Yes its expensive, but I haven't found a case I like. More than likely I assume I will have to takee it out of the case for the cradle, and for the proclip I have. No big deal as I have to do that now anyway. I'll let you all know when I get it.
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    You are right, I have not received mine (looking at mid-January) but I expect that the leather curves around the top and side like gloves do. In fact, in looking at their site, I noticed that they only offer te I-volutions in the softest leather they offer - that is probably because the more firm leathers won't mold sufficiently to the last of the treo they use to make the case.

    I either carry my Treo in a side compartment of my purse reserved just for her (yes, I'm a grown woman, so my T600 is a girl too!) or she is on my desk cabled up ot the pc. I have a screen protector on her, so she is relatively protected.

    I will post pics as soon as her new VAJA-designer togs arrive. She is expecting that the saphire leather will match her blue buttons and that the tangerine will match my lipstick! LOL

    Merry Christmas! My 7-yr old daughter wrote a letter to Santa asking for these things in her stocking:

    Accessories (I think she meant hair accessories - alas)
    Candy. and
    Hitting 'Em Hard, Long and Straight
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    Architect, I can't find your color combination (Tangerine/Sapphire) among the ones listed in the T600 I-volution customization page...
    How did you order THAT combination???
    Please let us know.
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    I emailed Vaja with the same question and here's their answer:

    At present the proper leather type for the Ivolution design is the Caterina, due to its texture and softness. Bear in mind that all the available combinations for each model are the ones listed in the site, in the customization form of each case. Any other option not listed there is not viable.
    So I'm a bit baffled by the Tangerine/Sapphire score. Architect, how'd you do that?
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    Okay, I ordered. I slept. I saw Return of the King three times in two days. I reread the entire trilogy in one night (Okay, I skimmed a littlle, but it was like my 47th time to read it since 1975...) AND THEN I POSTED:

    My TANGERINE was really Manderan Orange, but in my mind, I confused an orange with a tangerine. I'm old. Sue me.

    Now, I'm going back to re-watching the director's commentary of TTTowers...

    I wish I could find a bumper sticker that says"FRODO LIVES" like I used to have on my Pinto. It looked so great with my "Who is John Galt" one! LOL, LOL
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    but the Sapphire?!?

    btw, am I the only one who has never seen/read any Lord of the Rings stuff???
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    I started to doubt myself, so I double-checked my order confirmation - colors ordered as stated above. So, Tangerine and sapphire were pretty close! The color Manderine looks pretty tangy on my monitor - hope it is!

    Went to a party the other night and had several guys all drooling over my Treos - think what the case will add!

    And, yes, you might be the ONLY person in the world not to read Tolkein. Even my 7-yr old has read the Hobbit. (after she blew thru the 5 Potter books, and the Chronicles of Narnia)
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    Originally posted by Architect
    I started to doubt myself, so I double-checked my order confirmation - colors ordered as stated above. So, Tangerine and sapphire were pretty close! The color Manderine looks pretty tangy on my monitor - hope it is!
    It's not that I doubt you or nothin', but none of the color options on their site, 'plain' or 'combined', have sapphire as a color. There is one blue/orange combo, but it's "Jean/Orange". I wonder if they changed the available colors. (Maybe they were too tangy )
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    I want to order this case, but am concerned taht the screen, which is one of the primary reasons i am GETTING a case, is not protected!

    Would appreicate any thoughts you might ahve on the subject.

    P.S. your seven year old sounds like she inhales books the way i did as a child ... after Narnia and the tolkein series, I next discovered the Andromedia Strain and anything by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
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