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    yup, the are on there. Both are listed under the Caterina Leather colors on the leather info pages too. This I volution combo is sapphire on the front and manderin on the back (I think).

    After the Tolkein's, I switched to Irving Stone as a child and did a biography stint...

    BTW, saw Return of the King tonight (again, again) and it just gets better.

    Happy New Year to all and a Safe 2004. God Bless America
    Hitting 'Em Hard, Long and Straight
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    SO? Did it ever arrive?
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    I sent them an email inquiry asking for an est shipping date, and they sent a note back saying it takes 20 days to make a custom case. Well, I knew that. I just thought that, for instance, maybe they had sooooo many orders that mine would be delayed, or something. Anyway. Still waiting. Will post pics.

    Hope it comes soon as BOTH PLUGS HAVE FALLEN OUT OF THE BACK OF MY CINGULAR T600 even though I always leave it in its original case. One of the holes (under the antenna) is pretty large and my fingertip gets in it when I make a call.

    Hope my fingertip des not become impotent! I enjoy poking my finger at people when I need to make a point!
    Hitting 'Em Hard, Long and Straight
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    I saw on another post someonereceived theres. Hope we get them soon!
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    Pictures will be posted as soon as she arrives!
    Hitting 'Em Hard, Long and Straight
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    You lucky dog! When did you place the order? Before Christmas?
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