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    It seems as I install more and more applications onto my Sprint Treo 600, the time it takes blazer app to open takes longer and longer. It does not matter whether blazer's initial view is set to bookmarks or not, it takes too long to open (about 10 sec).

    Is there anyway to speed it up? The only was I've found so far is to do a hard reset and do a fresh install of each application, which is a pain in the ****. A hard reset and a simple restore by hotsync will not do it.

    Anyone else have this problem?
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    I found this although I was assured that unless they were seriously large and eating up available space then I was imagining it. Could be that your cache file is being loaded up and that could be quite large.

    I got around it and stopped using blazer and went for webpro which is so much faster.

    Got a trial license from a freind who works for software house. Works a treat.

    if you need any pointers setting it up without the proxy let me know

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    the best thing to do is disable pictures from downloading to the browser. I leave it this way until I want to actually see a picture while surfing and then it is easy to renable for a while. This turned the entire experience around and cuts the download, including the start-up time, drastically. Much better and easy to swap back and forth.
    Interesting is that there is a big push to enable Java. But I never want Java because then all the stupid new movies and Flash will be playing and cutting down the speed. I don't want those pop ups coming on under any conditions. So Java and Flash freaks-----fugeddah aboudit please.
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    Yeah I do the same, no graphics unless essential.

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