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    I'm looking for an app/hack (OS5 compatible) to easily switch between two apps or more importantly return to a prevoius application.

    Say I'm in the Contacts app and an SMS comes in. I go to the SMS app and respond and now I want to return to Contacts.

    Or I want to switch back and forth between any two apps to copy/paste multiple strings of data.

    I used to use EasyLaunch which did this and so much more but it isn't OS5 compatible. Without spending too much money or using any other launchers outside of Launcher X or the builtin one does anybody have any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance,

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    I love it and it gets used every day.

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    I should have explained that I've already spent all my money on Christmas presents and was looking for a simple freeware solution before I spent any money.

    I tried McPhling and liked it but I'm looking cheap first.

    Found "Switch5" on FreewarePalm which does work but since there's no exclusion of launcher other than the builtin one it always returns me to either Buttons+ or Launcher X which defeats the purpose.

    So what I'd really like for Christmas is:

    A freeware "last app hack" that also allows you to exclude any launcher.

    Thanks again,

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    Treo Butler isn't free - but it is cheap ($3.5). It uses the volume button to switch (as well as other stuff) the latest version does ignore the launcher. Free to try.


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