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    Hello folks,

    Greetings from Tennessee.

    I've been a long time user of my Handspring Visor Prism, but I may finally have found the PDA/cellphone combo I've been waiting for... but before I take the plunge, I've got a few quick questions here. If anyone can help, I'd be very appreciative!

    1) CDMA vs. GSM Roaming

    I had my dad's Sprint phone for about a week. One thing I was disappointed with is that in order for it to go into "Digital roam" on the Verizon network, there has to be NO Sprint signal (there are other threads on this here too). The problems with this are:

    a) there's no handoff of an in-progress call if you go into a no-service area where you could roam (ie, dropped call)

    b) you get ****-poor quality even if there's even one bar of Sprint signal available because you can't force it to roam

    So, all that said, the questions are:

    Re GSM: Does GSM handle forced roaming or handoff to roaming better than CDMA?

    Re CDMA: How quickly does your Treo switch to digital roam and does it drop an in-progress call when doing so?

    2. CDMA vs. GSM incoming call while using data

    Now, before you get huffy and tell me to "Search", you might want to know there is a LOT of confusing information in this forum about this thing. Some say on GSM you can answer an incoming call while using data, and (more recently) others say you can't.

    So, this question is for someone(s) with real-world, first-hand experience in the matter!

    If actively using a data connection on a GSM carrier, do you get a prompt to answer an incoming call or does it go straight to VM?

    I guess that's all for now. With any luck, I'll have my own Treo in the next couple of days! Thanks in advance!

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    I can't comment on the GSM Treos, but AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $there$ $is$ $no$ $way$ $to$ $force$ $the$ $CDMA$ $Treo600$ $to$ $roam$ $on$ $Verizon$'$s$ $network$. $There$'$s$ $a$ $large$ $thread$ $specifically$ $on$ $this$ $topic$ $and$ $I$ $don$'$t$ $think$ $anyone$ $has$ $yet$ $come$ $up$ $with$ $a$ $solution$ $for$ $this$. $Also$ $you$ $are$ $correct$ $in$ $that$ $there$ $is$ $no$ $in$-$progress$ $call$ $switch$ $to$ $a$ $different$ $band$, $but$ $I$ $don$'$t$ $think$ $any$ $wireless$ $phone$ $does$ $this$? $if$ $you$ $do$, $please$ $fill$ $me$ $in$....
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    The answer to #2 is definitive in the US: If a voice call arrives during a data session, you are prompted as to whether or not to accept the call. The call does NOT go directly to VM.

    Sorry, I have no info on #1.


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