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    What do you guys think of this application: "Inbox to go--Wireless"

    How about the office app? Would u recommend

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    I use them both in order to deal with email attachments, they work very well together. I hear "push" email support is in the works for the Inbox-To-Go app as well. Currently, you have to click "check and send" to check for new email.
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    I used them as well. I have my In-Box-To-Go set up so that I can retreive my e-mails when I'm away from my laptop. I do not have them redirected to my Treo automactically. I didn't want it set up that way but it can be done.

    The 5-way Nav buttom is not fully functional on these programs yet but they're working on it.
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    Honestly, if they get push e-mail on Inbox-to-Go Wireless, that will be the perfect app for me.

    I already use Beyond Contacts which I think is fantastic. Yes, it's a shame it doesn't use the built in Palm databases. But there is just so much functionality in the app. Plus the fact that IMO you just can't beat Documents to Go 6. DataViz has made some outstanding apps. I can only hope that a push solution is around the corner for the ITGW.

    The only thing that is an outstanding issue to me is be able to get my Work e-mail from behind the firewall. A push app for me would be perfect.

    Unlike most of you, I am using a 7135, so I don't have the benefit of Business Connect from Sprint.
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    I use it also (even though I also use GoodLink's "push" e-mail product).

    The main reason I still have it installed is it's ability to open native Word and Excel attachments directly from an e-mail.

    GoodLink has "viewer" capabilities, but nothing compares to the Dataviz products.

    My opinion is you cannot go wrong with the Dataviz choice. (I'm hoping that GoodLink will partner with them to add better attachment support).
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    I synced my resume into the device, opened edited it under Word to go. then I sent it to myself as an email attachment, the resume was all over the place, that was crazy.

    I even tried formating the resume with no talbles or nothing, and when i edited in word to to, it still was all f*cked up....

    Thats the only negative I have.....

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