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    ok so here it is. ive been a sprint samsung customer thru the a400>a460>a500>a600 and i thought it was time to move on since there was a real convergence device out. yes i love my treo its does more than any of those phones could ever hope to...except in the actual phone the treo fails miserably compared to all of them and especially to the a600.

    i am used to the following setup...

    samsung a600 has text > phonetic voice recognition. so if i type in John Doe in the phone book..i use my earpiece with call answer AND call engage i hold down the call engage button and the built in voice dial software asks who i want to call..i then either say digit dial and proceed with the number of say name dial and say the name. i then hear a computer generated voice repeat the name as it matches my voice to the pre typed name int he phone book and you say yes to confirm. this process is 98% accurate in matching my voice to the name. the earpiece is unbeliable comfortable..stays put and you forget its there and never a pop or hiss to be hear..mic hangs boom or crazy extendion..just a but with a button on it and a hang down mic. (this takes a minute to say but 10 seconds to carry out while driving etc)

    now what the heck is up here on the treo? they spent all their time on the device hardware but copped out on the necessities... the 30 cent piece of crap earpiece cant even behave as the headphoens for audio or answer calls..unless im doing something wrong and what is up with the voice dial? even if i get sprint voice command which it looks like im gonna have do....does it integrate contacts? and i HAVE to take the phone out and dial *TALK to get to voice command because this makes it useless. ive seen the silver can fool me..they put a rupper cap on it and pain the top silver and charge $20 for it? its the same thing....

    cant i just make calls like i do with phones half to 1/3 of this things price.

    please you Palm warriors who know the treo..are there apps and do people make the proper headsets for this thing to do these things?!? i would imagine a piece of software is all it would take to get this phonetic voice recog thing going... sorry its so long but boy am i ever annoyed.

    enlighten me!
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    The lack of voice recording and integrated voice command is a big deficit in the Treo600. Alot of us are hoping that the rumored ROM update scheduled to be released early next year will solve this problem, but no one knows for sure. This speculation is based on certain 3rd party devs like Audacity stating that Handspring had informed them they would be issuing a software upgrade sometime next year to allow the functionality of voice recorder apps like DVR etc. (Do a serch for more info).

    As far as the headphones, I personally never expected Handspring to bundle anything special to begin with. Those type of accessories are very depended on user tastes and if you don't like the ones offered by Sprint/Palmone, you should definietly look elsewhere...
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    check this:

    with voice command and treohelper, you can kinda do what you want to do. I used to do it with my treo 300. upload your palm address book to voice command's website. have treohelper automatically dial voicecommand when you hit the auto-answer button. leave the phone in your pocket. hit the auto-answer button. voice command will come up. say the name of who you wanna call..done.

    i agree that the headset that comes with the treo sucks, but at least it comes with something. most phones don't come with one at all. i was much more disappointed that the t600 didn't come with a car charger like the t300.
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    if this works for get a gold star my friend.
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    so does the earpiece that comes stock with the phone work for this suggestion or do i need a different earpiece..

    i went to treo helper, checked "dial with hands free button press" then entered * which should dial voice command.

    did a soft reset just in case..nothing.

    dont tell me i got voice command for nothing ! it didnt do anything for me when i held down the button
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    ah you ALL get gold stars!

    the solution is here at last..what a great website

    and big ups to the thoughtfulness of trehelper

    heres the version that will work with our phones...

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