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    Just a heads up on what's coming in the next Chatter Beta (probably later this week; Monday 12/29 latest)...

    * Pushed sync of up to 4 IMAP folders, which can be on any server (i.e. could be 4 folders on one server, 1 folder on 4 servers, or anything in between). This limit of 4 will probably be increased to 8 before this becomes a release.

    * With Chatter's pushed sync, folders will be kept sync'ed (two-way; server updates propagate to Treo; treo deletions propagate to server) via true push while connected to the various IMAP servers (with minimal data usage); upon connection/re-connection sync status is checked and updated as necessary.

    * Mail coming to sync'ed folders can be (at your option) delivered to its folder or to your contacts (as would normally be the case). Messages delivered to a contact are still sync'ed with the server.

    Folks who are interested in keeping up with IMAP changes to Chatter can subscribe to the IMAP discussion list at

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