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    I have a Sprint Treo 600. I also have a Comcast Email Account.

    Here is what I did to get the PalmOne MultiMail Beta program to work.

    First I called the SprintPcs tech support people to establish what my Sprint Vision Username and Password is. They had to setup my sprintpcs email password.

    Then I downloaded PalmOne MultiMail Beta and hotcynced and ran the install icon in my Treo 600. I setup the account information. I picked Comcast from the pull down list. And put in my Comcast username and password.

    I set my Mail Icon Button to launch Mmail.

    In Mmail I hit the menu button and hit view and went down and selected Edit Accounts. Then I selected Comcast and hit edit.

    Under Name Tab make sure you use your comcast email address and your comcast username and password.

    Under the Server Tab make sure Incoming POP3 server is:
    Under the Outgoing SMTP server is:

    Under Advanced Tab uncheck the box next to: SSL required for POP3. Uncheck SSL required for SMTP. Under: For outgoing mail server: I put my Comcast username and password in the blanks.

    I use this custom account ONLY to receive email from my Comcast account.

    NOW !!! To push or send outgoing mail, you have to make another custom email account that will only be used to push mail out, thru the sprintpcs server.

    Bring up the menu again and go to View then down to Edit Accounts, then go down to New.

    Select Comcast from the pull down list, but this time enter Outgoing Mail for the Account name, then enter your username and password from your SprintPcs Vision Email account.
    You MUST also enter your email address from your SprintPcs Email account TOO ! !

    Then under Server Tab, set POP3 server to:
    set SMTP server to:

    Then under Advanced Tab uncheck SSL required for POP3,
    uncheck SSL required for SMTP, For outgoing mail server: make username and password your sprintpcs account username and password.

    You will use this custom account to ONLY send outgoing mail.

    This is the only way to get PalmOne Multi Mail to work with Comcast users out there and this Very, Cool and Awesome Treo 600 which I love dearly !!!!

    Hopefully PalmOne techs will read this and fix their next beta release of the this mail program so we don't have to use two accounts.

    Thanks for reading and see you out there !

    Brad Hoesman Real Estate One Agent Ann Arbor, MI
    (734) 945-5626
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    You're not really using two accounts. To send mail on the sprintpcs network, you have to use the sprintpcs mail server ( - If you were on your computer using Comcast's network to send mail, you'd use the comcast mail server instead. Further, Sprint's mail server requires authentication, so you need to have an account on it. But it's a set it once and forget it...

    There are problems with the mail client, but I don't think that's one of them. Be happy it supports smtp authentication and SSL for in and out email.

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