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    I've got a problem: At my office we use Act! Contactmanager. I synchronise regularly with my Treo 600. However, we have many contacts in the dbase, and when I sync more than 4800, I can't take "No Caller ID" calls. Half of my customers call me without caller ID, which means I spend half of my time listening to my voice mail, and returning calls.

    Because I need all the numbers and contact-data at hand, I have to sync all contacts in our dbase.

    Does anyone know what I should do or what 3rd party app I can use to sunc all data, AND be able to accept No Caller ID-calls?
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    Keep trimming the built in contact database till you are able to receive a No Caller ID call.

    Mine is at 4900 -at 5000 I cannot receive No Caller ID calls.

    Put the rest in a seperate database like JFile or a spreadsheet.

    Alternatively use a 3rd party contact manager like Beyond Contacts or Key suite, which does NOT use the built in address book.

    Agendus won't help as it uses the built-in one.
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    i have the same problem: cannot take "no caller ID" calls by pressing the 5-way navigation button. but i can take these calls by tapping direcly on the screen or using the earplug button...

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    Cyril, thanks for your reply, but that doesn't solve it, because Keycontacts and Beyond Contacts doen's sync with Act! (AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK).

    Markus: I'm waiting for someone to call without caller ID and try the button on the earpiece, but, hey, it's christmas eve here...... I don't think anyone except workaholics like myself is working! I'll let you know!

    Merry Christmas!
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    if you use any third party contact manager you will lose one of the best feature of the treo: typing in a name on the phone screen and it will be immediatly found in the address book.

    third party tools do not support this!

    btw, pressing space bar will also answer "no caller ID" calls...

    merry x-mas from europe!
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    Mmm, I tried to press all the buttons when the phone was ringing. All it did was cause my Treo to reset after the caller was (finally) switched to VM.

    Does anyone know if there might be a fix coming to solve the dbase problem in the software? I can imagine I'm not the only one having this problem. Has anyone contacted HS about it? I'll send in a request right now!
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    You can at least sync your Act calender to Outlook

    For your Act! contacts

    but it's 50 bucks for companionlink.

    Sytnos, because of the Treo I can now work 365 days a year, 8 hours a day or more if I charge it up more often!
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    I contacted HS about this. They will 'look into it'. So I'll wait for that before I spend 50 bucks! Now I have more important things to do: celebrate newyear! And of course a happy newyear for you all!
    until next year!
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    I too had the problem of not being able to pick up "no caller ID" calls when my synchronized outlook contact database was ~3,600 records.

    Thanks to Cyril I learned about this bug.

    I winnowed it down to 2,850 and now the Treo seems to pick up "no caller ID" calls.

    I sent an email inquiry to Handspring Dec 19th but have not received any reply or even acknowledgement of receipt.... I just sent another email note.... a little more forceful this time.

    I must be honest I like my Treo but it does not synchronize important stuff that my Pocket PC would do like home addresses and other info in the Outlook d-base....

    It is great to reduce one phone and one pocket pc to one device but at present I still must carry my laptop or pocket pc to get all the info I used to get..... in other words the Treo 600 just doesn't do it....

    I never had to go to such lengths to get my Pocket PC and phone to work.

    Has anyone heard of any fixes from HS?

    What about the email customer support.... are they always so slow to reply to a serious inquiry/notification of a bug?

    - Robert
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    I'm using Beyond Contacts for my full database.

    Only cost $5.50 off Ebay.

    Ditch that Pocket PC and laptop!

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