First, I am new to this board, so I apologize if this is covered elsewhere; perhaps someone can direct me to the correct location if that's the case.

Had the Treo 600 about 5 days. Set it up and it worked fine. Installed Sprint PCS Business Connection--Personal Edition, on my desktop and it worked great. I was able to access my Microsoft Outlook email inbox with the Treo 600 with no problems.

Then, after a couple of days, I could access my inbox only by signing in through Business Connection on the Treo; when I would try to synch with my desktop from the "mail" button I would get an error message. No big deal since I could still go the Business Connection and accomplish the same thing. Now, a day later, I cannot access anything through Business Connection, either. When I go to Business Connection on the Treo, it asks me for my user name and password (which it did not do before). I put them in, and it clearly recognizes me and my username/password. However, I then go to "inbox", and it again simply takes me back to my username/password. It then simply takes me back to the main Sprint Business Connection screen again--in other words, I can't get anywhere and it keeps asking for my username/password.

Any ideas about this or how I might solve it? Trying to figure out if the problem is the Treo, the desktop (it says Business Connection is running fine), or me.

Thank you for any insight you can provide.