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    Ok, so click on the jpg llink, and check out my new "wallpaper." Yepper...You too can have one of the coolest wallpapers on your phone too. Just crack the screen like I did, and voila--blue, white, and yellow funkiness takes over your screen. I love my Treo, but dang, one careless mishap and that thing is screwed. What happened to mine is simple. With one hand full of photography stuff, I don't bother to slip the phone into the case, and just slip it into my coat pocket instead. I forgot that I had actually slipped a little magnifying cube in that pocket about 4 minutes earlier. As I eased myself into the driver's seat, I must've pressed the edge of the magnifying cube against the screen between my right thigh and the seat. I don't know how much pressure I applied--but really, it did not seem like much. The edge of the cube just focusses the pressure in one spot, and there you go. I reached into the pocket to put the phone back in it's case, and stare incomprehensibly at the screen for 3 seconds...AAAAARRRRghhhh!!!!

    Two lessons:

    1) I'm definitely protecting my screen. Forget the slipcase. Obviously, that doesn't help you out when you say to yourself "oh, I'll just leave it outside for a sec."

    2) Insurance kicks ***. For a $400 toy that goes from my pocket to my hand twenty times a day, $4/mo is imho darn cheap insurance. I don't bother insuring vcr's, TVs, and stuff. But I sure as hell insure my MP3 players, cameras, etc. Hella yeah.

    I still say my phone kicks ***.
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    Gawd, that hurts just to look at.
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    Man - you ought to sell that to one of those "retro" TV shows (70's show; American Dreams; etc.) - tie-dyed and psychedelic all in one package!
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    My sincerest condolences for yur Treo600....
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    When and where is the funeral and do we give to your favorite charity in lieu of flowers? Gawd!!
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    Why pay $35 insurance deductable? Just take it to Sprint & have them replace it. I've had that happen to 4 Treo 300 & Srint replaced every one under warranty.
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    Bummer, dude.

    The kind of horror that is usually accompanied by one of those Powerpoint presentations showing human organs strewn about the highway. ring from hell.

    Excuse me, I must go and wretch now.

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    Actually, it IS kinda cool looking. It really would make cool wallpaper! :-)
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    Originally posted by MtnManiacX
    Actually, it IS kinda cool looking. It really would make cool wallpaper! :-)
    YEAH - can we get a better shot of it so that we can grab a image of it to use for a wallpaper? Your dead Treo will live on in all of our Treo's - kind of...
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    KILL IT BEFORE IT MULTIPLIES!!!!!!!!!! Take care, Jay

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