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    I have been Sync'ing with Yahoo calendar for a long time now. I now get a "Unable To Read Application Data" error. I don't believe that I have changed anything. Any ideas?
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    No problems here. Have you tried rebooting your desktop? Is your internet connection down?

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    I have rebooted. I have reinstalled both the s/w for the Treo 90 and the Yahoo Sync. I was wondering if Yahoo had just changed the format of the calendar, but if your's is working....... The other strange thing that happens is the Hot Sync Manager changes the status of Notes and Contacts to "Do Nothing" when the read of the Calander fails. I have to change the item back to "Synchronize the files". Can can see packets being sent and received over the Internet when the Hot Sync Manager tries to Sync the calendar. It only takes anywhere from 2 to 10 seconds to fail.
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    Well..... it sort of works. It seems to timeout 80% of them time. If I just keep hitting the Sync button, it eventually works. I have never experienced a timeout before. Could be more traffic to Yahoo or my cable modem is bogged down by more neighboorhood traffic.

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