Basically, the problem is that the Treo600 completely freezes after sending
SMS messages over my GSM network, nearly every time. Sometimes this happens after SMS messages
are received, but far less often than when they are sent.

After I send an SMS message, the screen remains lighted but completely
blank. I have left it sit for many minutes after this blank screen shows up,
but it never changes. The only thing I can do is soft reset, which of course
turns off the mobile network.

After sending, the phone's computer appears to be waiting for something to
happen -- stuck in a holding pattern -- which never does. The phone can't
recover without a reset.

Messages seem to get sent without a problem, since people tell me they
receive them.

And I usually get SMS messages alright. On occassion, I have noticed that if
I import/get new SMS messages and then switch back to the phone function
very quickly, it might freeze up. But the real problem is only when sending
SMS messages.

To confirm: I used only the software that arrived with the TREO. I have used
SMS in the past on an earlier version of the TREO180 on the same network
without ever having this type of trouble. The network is China Mobile GSM.

Anyone know if there an SMS patch coming up?