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    Just wondering if any stores have the Treo 600 unlocked in NYC? I know NY has everything, please help me.
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    the only place to check is cingular stores, they sell unock 600.

    will they sell you one if you arent a customer? Maybe.

    Tell them you buying it as an x-mas gift for a customer.
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    there is one shop on 38th and 7th, but he wants $925.00
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    Felipe, How much is it without a contract?
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    Try RCS Computer on Lexington Ave, they are across the Sony Store, I think it's 56th Street. The store was selling last week the Cingular version for $699, they also where offering a "international unlocked" Treo for ~$900.
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    Interesting site, but they want $149! There's got to be a cheaper way.
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    It is also unconfirmed weither they can do it or not.

    follow this thread.

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