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    I love my Treo 600, except for one small annoyance: I can't seem to find any ringers that are loud enough to be heard out on a noisy street or in a noisy indoor place. It's great to have all these polyphonic ringtones, but I find myself jealous of my housemate, who has an ancient Startac, with a ring that could wake the dead.

    I carry the treo in my pants pocket, so the ring probably gets muffled by the cloth, but still....

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    I use "Loud Phone" plus vibrate and still miss calls. I wish there was a fix, also.

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    I've found that some instrument tones on the treo are more audible than others. With that, I've gone through some of my MIDI's and changed the melody instrument to be of the trumpet (MIDI instrument #57), which I've found to be very audible.

    Also, MIDI contains a volume element that can also effect the loudness of your ringtones. If a channel's volume is turned down, it won't be as loud as it could be. It doesn't take much of a decrease to reduce the level significantly.

    I don't have any utilities I can recommend to make it easy to do these things. Only a freeware MIDI editor, which lacks some polish (overall though, it's not that bad) and can be a bit hard to figure out unless you know what you're doing. It's available over at

    Good luck!

    - Mike
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    I believe that the most annoying and loud ring-tone (and most effective) is "Loud Flute." Used in conjuction with Treo Alert (which I have set "Loud Phone" as my alert tone) works well.

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