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    Hey all,

    I love my Treo but I have a small problem. It comes preset so that whenever you get a call, it can be silenced by pressing any key. However if I have my Treo in my pocket I often miss calls because I am silencing them while I walk around sit down.

    Is there anyway to disable this?
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    hmmmm, I have never seen that option.

    what i being silenced? the ring tones?
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    yea the ringer is shut off,

    its just like the kill switches they have on other cell phones where it stops ringing
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    My experience is that it sliences the ring but you can still answer it. It happens to me when taking it out of my case & I accidently touch the volumne button.
    Uslng the Keyguard feature will prevent this.
    Good Luck
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    I always have keyguard enabled but it still silences the ringer.

    The call doesn't get dropped but if im in a loud place I don't hear the ringer right away and if I shift in my pocket, it just rings silently and I miss my call.
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    You got me. I'm puzzled.
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    Does this happen to anybody else out there?
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    I noticed that when a button is pressed, the ringer is silenced momentarily. If I don't answer the phone, the ringer will come back on by the second ring.

    Is it possible that you may be inadvertantly "Ignore" caller? I mean, when your Treo is shifting around in your pocket, maybe "Ignore" is pressed on the touchscreen. If this is the case, may I suggest checking the disable touch screen when incoming calls received. This option is in the Preferences under Keyguard.
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    I have keygaurd activated when "On a call"

    should I also activate it for "Incoming calls recieved"

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