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    I currently have a nokia 6800, which is OK, but a pain to check email if you have more than one account.
    Will the Treo handle checking 3 accounts at the same time?
    Will it do it with the included email app, or will I have to spend more $$?

    Anyone have any insight on Sprint vs. AT&T service plans on the 600?
    I am seriously considering paying to cancel my AT&T contract so that I can change to Sprint.

    Thanx in advance,
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    I'm currently checking two different accounts. I'm using SnapperMail, but was previously using the free client. I switched to SM because of the 'Junk' feature, which allows me to leave most messages on the server, but delete the junk so I don't have to delete it again on my PC.

    As far as Sprint goes, I've been a happy customer for over four years.

    Good luck with whatever you choose...

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