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    anyone know of an app or blazer happy site that would let me get directions by selecting contacts in my adress book? I am getting tired of typing everything manually in mapquest!
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    This program is free and it will allow you to select a contact to map to:
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    Yeah, I have that one, but it is kinda slow.
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    Try TripPilot. This program does not let you map directly to and from a contact, but it does work well as a mapping solution.

    I don't have a GPS, but some on the Kyocera 7135 forum said it worked great when connected.

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    Are there any non-USA-specific apps out there?
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    I've tried TripPilot today and it found exactly the same fastest route that I usually take from work to home. Quite impressive for a route right across downtown Paris, so it's definitely not a US specific solution.

    EDIT: I just found out that GPS Pilot is actually a French company. No wonder the Paris route is so good
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