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    Ok so many of you probably already have downloaded and installed Aqua by Derek Kelly.... Its a great skin and I use it myself. However I have been wishing for an application that could manage dial pad skins, and be able to change them on the go.

    I found it on this site:

    However the only skin worth using is Aqua, all the other ones are pretty weak. Now that we have an application to manage and change skins on the fly, lets get the more creative and graphically talented members to create some awesome skins!

    Info on how to create skins is available here in a thread entitled: Hacked the Logo, Now... but I couldn’t get the search feature to work on the forums so I don’t have a link. If you can get search to work you should be able to find the thread.

    Lets get some cools skins!!

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    I have Derek's Aqua skin on my Treo, and it's a nice change from the booooring stock dialpad. I however use TakePhone for dialing almost exclusively, and hardly ever see the phone's dial pad. I don't see much value in beaing able to do this but it is nice to see someone is giving us the option.

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