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    When writing an SMS, in dutch, the Treo does make some autotext. For instance when typing wel (=dutch) i automaticly get we'll . Can i get rid of this option ~>
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    Try using Textras...however I don't know whether it will be able to overide the existing "auto-text" features...
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    It doesn't override them, but theres a workaround:

    Set "wel" to "wel " (a space afterwards). As textras includes a feature to remove double spaces this causes no inconvenience at all. I use it for swedish on my Treo 650, were autocorrect replaces "i" with "I" and "hel" with "he'll".

    I tried using ShortCut5 to do this for me, but as it inputs text letter by letter, the standard autocorrect-feature is applied to the text.

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