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    Why does it take so long to disconnect? I appreciate why it might take a long time to connect, but it usually takes about equally long to disconnect. Disconnection seems logically simpler - send a signal to say bye, wait for confirmation, then disconnect. No negotiations, registering to network, etc.
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    Are you talking about the phone signal or GPRS?
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    The phone signal. GPRS on my T-Mobile disconnects rapidly.
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    You mean to hang up a call? On my Sprint T 600, calls hang up immediately after I hit hang up.
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    Not to hang up the phone, but to disconnect the wireless, e.g. for airplane use.
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    i get thi sometimes, but not all the time.

    it usually happens to me when I just tried to make a connection and am too impatient to wait for the "time out" when I try to manually disconnect via the pref screen, it takes longer to disconnect.
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    I was trying to ask about disconnecting the phone from the network, not GPRS. That is, pushing the top power button down to shut off wireless service. On my phone, that takes a long time, about as long as it takes to connect.
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    I wonder exactly the same thing every time I switch off the wireless and have to wait about 15 seconds to regain any functionality.

    Doesn't sound much but is a pain in the...

    I think it is due to the fact that when you switch off a phone (GSM at least) it has to say "goodbye" to the network via the nearest phone mast. Was reading about it in the news the other day since this feature was used by the UK police to trace the last known whereabouts of a murder victim..
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    But I still wonder why saying goodbye isn't quicker than hello.

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