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    I just bought the Belkin leather iPod case today from Fry's Electronics for $24.99 and it fits great on my T600 (CDMA).

    * It has a swivel clip that clips tightly against my waste (not hanging loose like some other cases do).
    * With the sides being velcro, you can adjust the tightness of the case. I don't strap it on too tight, just loose enough for me to easily pull the phone out of the case (while it's clipped against my belt), and tight enough for it not to slip out when I'm doing a hand stand or something.
    * It has a clear window in the front, which makes it convenient to view Caller ID's, text messages, time/date, etc., without having to take the phone out of the case.
    * And the case doesn't press against the space bar key, so I don't get the auto-answer problem like the other cases do.

    There was a little suction cup inside the case, but I took it out since I'm using it as a slip case rather than a flip case (which I guess is the style meant for the iPod).

    You can find this case at a cheaper price if you do a search online ( is selling it for $14.51).

    For anyone who would like to see how it fits with the T600, please see attached pictures.
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    Side view...
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    Just ordered one, will see how it works. Sounds like a winner to me.
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    I ordered one too. I was unhappy with the Piel Frama case and just returned it. If this doesn't work -- it's only $15, and it will work for my Ipod. Can't lose for that price.
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    Can you plug in the headset while the Treo is in the case?
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    Only if you make your own little hole.
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