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    He is 19 and has seen my Treo 300 and 600 in detail.

    But he is going for a Sidekick. Larger keyboard, more resolution, simpler.


    The 4:

    Treo 600
    Sony Ericsson 610 and Palm T3
    Sony P900
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    ....considered adoption?

    Poor delusional boy. At least he doesn't want i-pkick..
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    I feel your pain...however, it is a personal preference thing. I would not consider the Sidekick because of:

    1- Size
    2- No speakerphone
    3- No expansion slot

    Those requirements are important for me. I assume they are not for him. However, it does appear to be easier to type. Again, personal preference.

    P.S. If that was the only worry I had with a 19 year old these days I would run to the store with him to get the Sidekick.

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    let him get the side kick.

    let him play with it.

    show stuff you can do that you cant do.

    and if he still wants to keep it, he made an informed decition.
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    Sidekick is a pretty impressive device and I have had the chance to use a coworkers on occasion. I own a Treo 600.

    In addition to the 3 items mentioned in the previous post, I would probably not own one beause of the proprietary OS, I prefer the Palm OS for all it major advantages (simplicity, low overhead, community of software). If my friend wanted a device to just organize, do some basic email and limited web browsing, the sidekick would work perfectly..and recent rebates make it a very economical device to own. Keep in mind that Tmobile recently opened up some limited web access on all their accounts for free, I don't know if the Sidekick can take advantage of this, but do know the data plans an be may want to explore what cost you may run into for data vs. the cost of a device like the Treo 600 and the free web access (I do this now, my plan total is $19.99 for voice and I get data free as do all)...over time it may be a wash.
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    I had a SK for a year before switching to the Treo 600; if his priority is the web / e-mail / IM, then the SK is great. If he wants to use it for college. for example, then he should go qith the T600 for the ability to attach a full keyboard and use Palm programs.
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    sidekick at amazon with new tmo account: you net $30
    treo600: $350-600
    enjoyment from treo 600: priceless

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    doesn't the SK force you to use an earpiece to use the phone part of it? you can't use it like a regular phone, holding it up to your ear to talk. is this correct? that in itself would be a deciding factor for me, what a hassle. plus, the SK uses it's own service, kind of like AOL, which means you get to see what THEY want you to see. another negative in my opinion.
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    This makes sense to me -- the Sidekick is a pretty cool device. It's simpler than the Treo 600, sure, but some people will prefer that. An analogy may be the difference between PC gaming and console gaming. As well, my understanding is that the Sidekick is very good for portable instant messaging, which is something that strikes me as possibly being very important to young people.
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    Correction to the post above: you can use the SK as a regular phone (no earphone required), and you can see any (non-java) website.
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    As a Color SideKick owner, I can confirm there's good and bad news with the device. Your son should spend some quality time educating himself via, specifically, the hardware, OTA, and Internet Browsing forums. Best suggestion I can offer to Mom: get it cheap, and insist on a month-to-month Tmo plan, unless your son is prepared to use another Tmo device, in the event the CSK fails to perform after repeated replacements. (When it works, it's a killer. But regrettably, there are some serious quality control issues, combined with a manufacturer proven to be decidedly less than responsive/ attentive to customers. Tmo, on the other hand, has been a gem thruout.)
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    Sidekick also is not so good on the phone side
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    Text messaging and IM are all the rage with teenagers, and the Sidekick does it better than the Treo, no doubt. Here in LA, I notice a lot of high school kids with 2-pagers, probably to avoid the wrath of teachers itching to confiscate cell phones.

    Obviously I wouldn't be here if I prefered the Sidekick. I wanted something with a phone form factor and Palm OS, so it came down to the i500 or the T600. For the same price the Treo's feature set made it an easy choice. The Sidekick doesn't run Palm apps, and I honestly can't picture an easy way to wear it, so it was not an option for me.
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    Originally posted by mgauss
    Kids. Sometimes you have to let them learn the hard way
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    Mom-- that Amazon -$30 net link:
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    Your son wants a sidekick because all the rappers and cool digerati carried them...about a year ago.

    So I've got one word for you (to pass on to your son, to convince him he should forego the "old school" sidekick for a Treo)...GAMES.

    No comparison.
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    The Sidekick would be a great device if it was reliable communications device. As a former owner, I can tell you that this is one of the worst phones when it comes to holding a signal; the RF is the worst. Also, many intermittent problems with the data connection made for a frustrating experience. The device is also poorly built with many problems and a high rate of returns.

    Read Howard Chui's review of the SK. I provided the link below. It's very accurate and Howard knows his stuff.
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    anyone who claims the device is poorly built is either a) an *****, or b) has never used one. It is easily the most impressive smart device yet...only one problem:

    IT DOESNT SYNC!!!!!!!!

    I bought my Treo and miss the sidekick, but of all the syncable smart devices the Treo is best.

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    Originally posted by mgauss
    He is 19 and has seen my Treo 300 and 600 in detail.

    But he is going for a Sidekick. Larger keyboard, more resolution, simpler.
    I'll agree with 2 out of the three...namely about the keyboard and "simpler" part. In fact I think you should replace "simpler with the term "dumber" to be more accurate. Anyway in regards to the resolution: the Sidekick color has a 240x160 pixel screen. Yes, this is more pixels than the Treo600, but it is NOT a higher resolution screen! The greater number of pixels is merely the result of the recantangular aspect ratio of the Sidekick screen which is nice b/c it gives more viewable screen territory. But the pixel density is the same as the 160x160 rez of the square Treo600 screen... thus images will not seem any clearer...
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    MGauss: Doing a search for Sidekick in Howard Forums, several are saying TMO is having trouble with it's signal quality.
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