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    I ordered the sprint phone from amazon. They gave me a ship date of late january.
    What is a good strategy for dealing with the rebates? It seems like I won't get the phone until after the rebate offer expires. Am I eligable (sp?) based on my order date or activation date?
    Is everyone going to cancel their order as the rebate deadline approaches, bumping me to the front of the line unexpectedly?
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    This happaned when I bought a Treo 300 from Amazon last year. Bought it the night the rebate ended, the next day another rebate for even more was up on the site.

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    I had the same situation 10 days ago, and I called Amazon, and they trold me that their 'expected shipping date' feature is not working for cellphones, and that I should receive the 2 Treo 600 I ordered quickly (although the site was giving a shipping estimate date in late january).
    As a matter of fact, I got my 2 Treo 600 4 days later, even though I selected the free shipping option.

    Really a great deal!!!

    Also: the plan you select on Amazon just does not matter, as you have to go through the whole plan selection again when you activate the phones. This is actually great, as some options (such as the add-a-phone option to share a plan among several phones) are not available through Amazon. When you activate the phones, you can actually choose the options you want, even if they are not available at Amazon (again, because you have basically to select the plan at activation time - the one you selected on Amazon is completely irrelevant).
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    You mentioned that you got (2) Treo 600's. How much did they cost and how did that affect your rebates. Were you able to get each at $250 after rebate?
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    Originally posted by chrism
    You mentioned that you got (2) Treo 600's. How much did they cost and how did that affect your rebates. Were you able to get each at $250 after rebate?
    You should be able to (albeit it isn't instant rebates but 8-10 weeks kinda thing)... I skimmed over the rebates when I pondered jumping back to Sprint PCS.

    I always have noticed's shipping feature is a true worst case scenario. I got a cordless phone for a gift in early December. Amazon said backordered until January 2nd. Got an email 3 days later saying my orders shipped.

    -- Vikram
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    as you know, Amazon rebates are mail-in rebates, so I paid so far the full price (that is 2 x $599), but I expect to get rebates for the 2 phones so that the effective price would be 2 x $249.

    I need the first month invoice from Sprint to send the rebate forms, so I have to wait and cannot confirm that I will get the rebates for the 2 phones.

    HOWEVER, I strongly think this will be the case, as the rebate forms (that you can download ont he Amazon site) specify a maximum of 5 rebates are avaialble for a same customer, and that the rebates works even if the phone is an additional phone for an existing paln (such as add-a-phone option from Sprint). These precisions seem to confirm I should be eligible to get the rebate for both phones I purchased.

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