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    Could anybody who is using Versamail answer this question about IMAP support.

    One of my favorite features about basejet (which I would buy instead of Versamail were it not for the fact that it has been very flaky of late) is that it will let you retrieve messages based on date. In other words, it will keep only the last day, or last 3 days, or last week, etc. worth of messages in your Treo inbox. It won't delete them from your IMAP server, it will just only manage it's own internal inbox. So each time you sync (when it works) it will automatically only download the new messages and will automatically delete (just from the device) messages older than the time you've set. The question: does Versamail let you do something similar? I'd really like to know before I cough up $35.

    I really only want the last couple of days of emails on my handheld--I wish there were a simple way to do this.

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    I am using both Basejet and Versamail:

    Versamail is not good for sending emails with SSL, but Basejet is.

    Otherwise, Basejet use its own server, a fact I cannot really agree with ...

    To answer your question, Versamail never delete emails if you don't want to. You can set Versamail to check for new messages only but not within a timeframe e.g. 3 last days. But thats not necessary, the effect is the same: you'll always get the newest messages, nothing else


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