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    I'm strongly considering getting a Treo 600 to replace my Kyocera 7135. I have spent a good bit of time playing with a Treo 600 and saw how being proxyless slows down Blazer 3. So, does anyone know what Blazer 3 caches? If it will speed up browsing by keeping local copies of graphics used on my frequently visited sites, that would be helpful.

    Does anyone know why Blazer 3 was not setup with at least an option for a proxy? Are there any other good browser alternatives that work well with the Treo 600? (this has been discussed before, I'm sure, but I wasn't able to find much)
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    There's hacked version of WebPro that's popular - I used it for awhile, but switched back to Blazer. It's a bit faster, but the graphics are kind of screwy.

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