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    To be honest not 100 percent sure if it will work on the treo because i am currently using my zire for the purpose on which it works like a dream .I searched high and low for a newsgroup reader but with the exception of palmreader which corrupted all the time there was nothing doing.Undeterred i continued on my search and finally found News Rover

    It works like a dream lots of options and seems to synch in super quick time

    To me newsgroups are a pain while sitting at the computer but in a free time wasting moment at work or whilst waiting for something or someone this is where off line reading comes into its own


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    I am going to try this later. I hope it works. Thanks!
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    any luck?
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    I ended up not using it because both the newsreader and the palm add on seem to be paid services. I can read the news for free on my PC. It wasn't important enough to pay for on the Treo.
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    Haven't tried this one yet, but it was featured on Dan Gillmor's eJournal a while back:

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    Originally posted by pbeaul00
    Haven't tried this one yet, but it was featured on Dan Gillmor's eJournal a while back:

    Not actually a newsreader, but handrss is such a good ap, I purchased it myself.
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    Ok got some good news and some minor bad news.I bought this and put it onto my Treo 600.Everything works except for the push button to select messages or newsgroups.Provided you are prepared to use the stylus for this then you will find it perfect.It transferred EVERYTHING across without any hitch and is exactly what i was after

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    Well, there's always Yanoff:

    You also need the Java conduit for your PC:

    I've been using Yanoff since I had a Prism (close to three years now), and it works fine on my Treo 600, both wirelessly and via hotsync...

    I'm currently using the 1.5.5b2 (probably the final) version, and am very happy with it.

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