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    I just load and configued DataViz Beyond Contacts.

    The application looks very nice, but my sync time has gone from under a minute to approx. 15 minutes.

    It doesn't matter if I sync one right after another (no data change), it still takes WAY to long.

    Is it me or just how this app runs.

    If it's how the app works, it just too slow to use.


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    works fine here, think you might like to try and reinstall or something.

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    I had the same problem - sync times took forever. (I use Outlook 2002 w/Exchange server).

    I also was unable to figure out how to make BC my default "contacts" from within the phone app on my treo, so I still had to sync the default contacts list, adding even more time to a sync.

    Try chapura keysuite instead if you are looking for greater outlook/palm integration.
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    My beyond contacts keeps thinking that it is on muliplle computers even though it is only on one. It keeps asking me if I want to either 1) Have outlook overwrite, 2) have my palm overwrite or 3) sync. It should be automatically sync-ing. I have it set to sync in the hotsync custom menu. I'm using a treo 600.

    Any ideas?

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    are you sure the settings you are refering to are the BC settings and not the chapura settings?

    I know this caught me out at first as well.

    I also dont like how you have to sync with both sets but to be honest because of the better integration with bc I will continue to use it.

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    I believe so.

    I click on the Hotsync button in the system tray, go to 'Custom', select 'Beyond Contacts', hit 'Change', and select 'Synchronize'.

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