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    i'm having some trouble with my treo, whenever it looses signal it won't reconnect. I think i've tried every setting i can think about, but it still won't reconnect to the network.

    Anyone out there have similar problems, or even a sollution to that problem ?

    btw what phone settings do you guys use ?
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    Are you talking about the phone signal or GPRS? I occasionally have a problem where the phone thinks it is connected to GPRS but isn't, so it times out checking email or visiting websites, for example. Disconnecting GPRS (through prefs/network) then reconnecting fixes that problem. It doesn't happen very often, perhaps once per week. I had the same problem with the Treo 270.

    I haven't had a problem with the phone signal except occasionally it takes an appreciable amount of time for it to reconnect. That is, I go from a place where there is never a signal to a place where there is always a signal, and it still shows 'No Service.' Impatient, I often turn off wireless and reconnect, which probably isn't faster than just waiting for it to figure out the connection, but at least gives me something to do.
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    i am talking about the phone (GSM) signal. It won't reconnect whenever it lost it's signal.
    What do you mean by " an appreciable amount of time" . Does it take longer than a couple of minutes ?
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    i was missing 75% of the calls. My treo 600 wont ring and the caller will hear 4-5 rings and then get transferred to voicemail.

    i spoke to TMobile. the tech rep said that they have noticed this problem with the 600. when u place the treo theu security equipment at airports the treo does not properly register with the network. I had to soft reset the phone to make it work again.
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    I haven't had any problem with airport security, have taken the treo through the scanner at least a dozen times.

    I don't know how long it takes to connect. If I am looking at the phone, I can't wait more than 60 seconds, after which I disconnect and reconnect. This takes pretty long -- several minutes anyway -- so who knows if it would have reconnected if I just waited for it.

    When I'm not looking at the phone, it finds the network eventually. For example, I pass through a dead zone in the building going to my office. When I reach my office, where I have a good signal, it takes time to reconnect. If I don't need the phone right away, it will be connected when I do need it. If I need the phone immediately, I often wind up shutting off the phone connection and reconnecting.

    In a separate thread, I've asked why it takes so long to disconnect from the network.

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