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    Gesh..people complain about the screen of the Treo? While the resolution and higher color support is's sooo freakin dim compared to the treo 600. When you press the sides it creaks like an old rocking chair, but not haivng an antenna protruding is wonderful..

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    why oh why did you buy the P900 ?
    The only thing good on that phone is the missing antenna.

    but i wish you the best of luck with it
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    I got the p900 through a friend...I had some computer parts to swap for it. I have an existing tmobile account so activating was as simple as plugging in my sim card. After playing around with boths devices I've discovered the following..

    TREO 600

    The Goods:
    Much simplier
    Easy one handed navigation
    Much faster internet (via vision)
    MUCH MUCH MUCH brighter screen
    I like Blazer's Bookmark layout
    I like the Treo's "Phone" page
    I like the Treo one button key assigning
    MUCH better build quality
    Supports memory I can by across the street!
    Great stylus
    Keyboard! (Even though i wasn't a fan at first)
    WAAAY more software

    The Crap:
    Ugly antenna
    Low Res
    Low Color
    Low midi volume rings
    Crappy camera
    No video recording
    No voice dial
    No voice recording
    No MMS (Carrier Specific)
    No SMS (Carrier Specific)


    The Goods:
    Great color support
    Nice GUI
    Great built in/provided apps
    Video recording
    Better speaker
    Built in video player
    Built in audio player
    Audio recording
    Voice dialing
    Jog dial...appears to be 4 yay
    Theme support
    Ton's Of Connectivity
    Can use wav files as ringtones/alerts
    Much improved dialpad compared to the p800
    At home firmware updates!

    The Crap:
    Thin stylus...better than the P800...still crap though
    Creaky case, questionable build quality
    Almost always takes longer to get to something whether it's apps, control panel, etc.
    DIM DIM DIM Screen (Compared to the treo)
    Can't adjust brightness
    Can't adjust contrast
    Not very expandable
    Lack of apps

    There's tons of pros and cons with each, so there's really no clear winner. I bought a powerbook and to connect it via the Treo 600 is a hassle. You have to carry a cord, buy a 3rd party app which is priced outrageously. With the P900, I used bluetooth to pair, isync updated my contacts and setup GPRS within 5 minutes. It also syncs my address book pictures (contacts) TO THE PHONE! If you're a mac owner, the P900 owns the treo...simple as that. Man..I wish I could mend these two together...that would kick ****! Both are awesome phones and whoever owns either one should feel damn confident about their purchases.

    P800->Treo 600->P900->XDA II->P900->MPx->Treo 600->iPaq 6315->MDA III->i-Mate PDA2k->o2 XDA IIs & o2 XDA II Mini
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    Nice comparision. I know there are folks out there who are looking at both units and its good to have the Pros and Cons so nicely spelled out.

    P.S. I miss your cute Avatar.
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