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    It's true, Goodlink does look pretty, well, good. I hadn't heard of it before. No surprise it wasn't on my company's radar; I'm working right now in Windows NT Workstation, with Office 97. Change is sloooooow here, and when it came time to pick a wireless e-mail service, I'm sure they just went with the more obvious choice.

    Anyway, given my situation, I'm still looking forward to BlackBerry being available on the Treo.
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    Originally posted by Bret Snyder
    I agree with BaltimoreTreo.

    Things will get interesting when there is a BB Treo device. Competition is a good thing. It will make both BB and Goodlink add features that we will all enjoy.
    I think competition is already having a good impact. BB is now promising to add the ability to sync contact info sometime next year. they have also promised to add support for other devices (e.g. Palm and Pocket PC). Of course that makes them more and more like Goodlink anyway.

    Nice to know someone else who agrees. We are still waiting for delivery of our devices - probably next week.
    Enquiring minds want to know ...
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    Originally posted by newtreouser

    This is all very interesting. Can anyone tell me why RIM's stock price went up 50% in the last week or 2? I remember talk on this forum maybe about a year ago that RIM was being sued for stealing others technology and their stock price bottomed. Looks like they made a big turn around somehow. I haven't followed it since but it seems they are doing very well as least for now.
    Here's my theory... It's because Wall Street has adopted the BB as THE solution for wireless e-mail. For that reason it's getting a ton of press in the financial circles. When people like that know about a company that seems to make a solid product they pour institutional investment dollars into it.

    I work for an F500 company and I sell storage solutions directly to a large percentage of Wall St. so my knowledge that everyone on the Street has a crackberry comes first hand.

    All this said, I too think that the "bubble" mentallity on tech stocks is back. My own company is great - we never missed a quarter during the whole downturn but our PE is still above 70 and people are still buying - sheesh.

    My own company incidentally is already on Goodlink but they are waiting to apply the upgrade that brings T600 compatibility.
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