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    Originally posted by nrosser
    zip -

    Keep in mind that your issue very likely largely lies (how's that for alliteration, Henry Higgins?) with T-Mobile. HS might have indeed shipped their units to TMo, thus making good on their delivery promises and timeframes. From what I've read, anecdotally, it was TMo who slowed down the ultimate retail shipments, due to network testing and the like. (yes, that doesn't obviate HS from doing the requisite pre-testing, but you get my point)

    I know the bottom line to YOU is that you don't have the device in your hand, which is unfortunate, but point your finger at the responsible party - I would say it's about 80% T-Mo and probably 20% HS.

    I would also say, though, that you're taking this whole thing way too seriously - you're over-dramatizing the situation with comments like 'they lied to ME' and 'I was personally wronged' - c'mon man, this is an electronic device we're talking about, not world hunger. Get some perspective.
    (and I can say that quite smoothly since I do have my Sprint 600 - bwuahahahah)
    I don't think that T-Mo is blameless. But it was HS who said they would be selling devices ON THEIR WEBSITE. Not delivered to T-Mo.

    Beyond that, we are not just talking about T-Mo. You can't miss the context of all the other GSM providers. They missed the mark widely with Cingular and then widened the miss by only taking orders for skimpy stock to be delivered down the road.

    My sense is that to the extent T-Mo slowed them down, that is probably derivative. T-Mo didn't get the highest industry marks for customer service by screwing its customers. And they have the longest history with Handspring's lousy reputation for product quality and product returns, meaning their customers are the longest suffering. I can't blame them for insisting that HS get it right. And I blame HS for not getting things right, either with regard to quality and availability. After all - it's their only product and they have the largest investment.

    Yes. I believe they are low on the character level. And I was greatly disadvantaged by not having a workable smartphone for a couple of months due to their lies.

    I have both a P900 and a Treo 600 now. The P900 is the far superior product.
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    Originally posted by zipmitz

    What is harder to believe. That, or that someone who doesn't care still finds the time to add 250 posts to a discussion board over a PHONE for godsakes?
    Who ever said anything about not caring? If none of us cared about the product, we wouldn't be here. Of course we care. But we're not making it out to be like some life or death issue and claiming to be personally insulted just because a product is late. That's just overdramatic and silly (hence the "its a phone for godsakes"). You can care about something without being a crazed maniac. My number of posts is irrelevant in your argument since they're all neither fervent raves nor rants. And if you want to bring number of posts into it, you have more than 200 yourself. Basically the point I was trying to get at earlier was that you need to just CALM DOWN. It's just absurd to get so worked up over a phone. If I was as fanatic as you seem to claim, I'd be posting threads here every day complaining about T-Mobile not having the phone yet. But no, I'm waiting patiently like many others because IT'S NOT THAT BIG A DEAL....

    I'll get the phone a little later. So what.
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