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    I had a map of DC and a map of the DC subway system on my treo 300 with fireviewer. I also had pix with album to go. Neither program transferred over to my treo 600. Does anyone know if these have been updated for the 600 or if there are better free programs for this?
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    FireViewer has been updated and is now called Firepad Picture Viewer. You can download the Viewer and Converter (as a suite) from or I'm not 100% sure it will work with the Treo 600, but it works very nicely with a Tungsten E.
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    Since 1997, Firepad software has been putting image-rich digital documents into any Palm-compatible organizer
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    I use Fireviewer Version 6.3.2 to view NYC maps on my Treo600 and it works flawlessly...
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