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    Okay, I just received a refurbished 600 to replace the one that was crushed under the weight of many automobiles...long story...Anyway, I charged it and it is displayed the "System Lockout" message. Well, since I did not set up the lock code, I did a hard reset to return to factory settings. No still requests a lock code. Help! I have tried several times to restore, but still requests code. Please don't have me resort to contacting Lockline again!
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    Never mind...Much to my delight, Sprint Customer Service helped me unlock it.
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    Is it asking for a 4-digit numerical password? If it is, then this is the phone-locking screen that is part of the Treo's "Phone" application. By default, this password is set to the last 4 digits of your phone number...

    However, if it is the "system lockout", you'll have to go into Debugger to unlock it. I recall this was the back door security hole in PalmOS Ver 3.5-4.0 that allowed for the bypassing of the sys lockout feature. I'm not sure if it will still work on OS 5.2 though... Then of course there are the apps like Sword that crack the system lock, but again I not sure they would work on the Treo600. In the end however, my advice is to try the last four digits of your number and if that doesn't work, call palmone...

    Edit: It seems like you responded while I was still typing! Anyway, glad to see you got it resolved. Btw, how did Sprint help you unlock it? Was it the last 4 digit of the number?
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    gfunkmagic, you were correct...I put in last 4 digits of my number and it unlocked. However, now I am waiting to have it provisioned...sigh...I will have to post pictures of the former, destroyed Treo that we finally found (believe it or not) at the entrance to one of our freeways, after it fell off the bumper of a truck...How could I absent-mindedly leave it there? Geez!! Now I am left with a refurbished one...oh well, better than being left with $600 of compressed plastic and metal.

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