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    At the begining of this thread (page 1) TR30 list the games he has in his Treo which he plays with NesEm.
    Check it out and then download them. He also said that they will only work well in a specific version (can't remember which one) the games don't look right and that his version (a demo) works much better and to try and get it.
    Again check it's at the begining of this thread.
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    Two great games that I've seen mentioned in other threads, but not in this thread...

    Coconut Fern
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    I have 3 games, which are optimized for Treo 600. Optimized means that they use low-res grahics, do no eat your RAM, because the special Treo 600 versions do not include Hires versions of bitmaps and they feature Palm OS 5 polyphonic sound.

    The best of all:
    * HAPPY HOUR! They are only $7 each for a limited time, starting from June, 3, 2004.
    * They are in the TOP 50 monthly downloads at among 23,000 applications there.

    To download visit the developers website:

    More info:

    * 3D Tennis - was $12, now $7 for a limited time.
    Realistic 3D sports game. Become Number One tennis player in the real ATP & WTA Rank Lists. The "official PDA game" of US Open 2001 and 2002 Championships.

    * 3D Blockout - was $14, now $7 for a limited time.
    The only 3D falling blocks game (3D Tetris-clone) for Palm OS®. A special PDA remake of the on legendary Blockout arcade for PC/Amiga, first released 1989 by California Dreams, Inc.

    * 3V Broomsticks - was $12, now $7 for a limited time.
    Learn to fly on a broomsticks like Harry Potter! The sports game of witches and wizards hits Palm. Build-in music player, which supports both monophonic and polyphonic melodies.

    I hope this info is useful.
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    Can anyone email me a site with downloadable roms?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Godstyle
    Can anyone email me a site with downloadable roms?

    Here is a website which you can download all sorts of Roms (ie: NES, Atari, etc.).'s/Emulation/ROMs_summary.htm
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    Is anyone using NesEm v1.4 and FW 3.05? Does the program work smoothly with full screen? I don't want to purchase the software and find it doesn't work well with FW 3.05.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I don't think nesem works well AT ALL on the Treo 600, Gizmo is much better as GG was a 160 pixels wide and around 140 tall i think, whereas nintendo was 240x192 and the vast majority of games just do not scale well, plus having to resize the games affects the speed. Give Gizmo (same developer as nesem) a try it works REAL well (you may have to disable lightwav or callfilter if you use them as they cause lag)
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    Quote Originally Posted by gfunkmagic
    Wish this was released:
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    I have purchased software online. When I proceed to pay by credit card, how do I get the NES EM file? is it emailed, or what do i do? and is there a delay to get it?
    Thanks man

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    lapegna, your answer is in this link...
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