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    What is the physical difference between the 2 versions of the TREO 600? There's the GSM and the CDMA.

    I understand that Vaja doesn't sell the CDMA version anymore. What would happen if I buy the GSM version of the case for my CDMA Treo? Will it be ok? Are the buttons, speaker or mic placed differently on one over the other?

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    The CDMA version has that big hump on the earpiece.
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    Is that all? Just the bump on the earpiece?

    Do you think I should risk getting the GSM case for CDMA phone?
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    There is a problem with certain cases since the CDMA Treo 600 (as compared to a GSM Treo 600) will automatically answer a call if the spacebar is pressed. Accordingly, any case which puts slight pressure on the spacebar is not workable for a CDMA Treo. For instances, Vaja Cases wrote me: "At present we do not offer a flip top case for the CDMA Treo device. This unit has a special autoanswering function in the space key that makes it impossible to produce a flip top case for the unit since anything that covers the keyboard will activate it accidentally."
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    The GSM version also answers with the spacebar.
    73 de K3SLS
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    There are 2 Vaja cases, the Classic and the I-volution. I asked Vaja this question about the I-volution and here is what they said:

    The I-volution case is suitable for both Treo 600 units and it does include the mic cutout at the bottom.

    So you're goo to go for the I-volution (I will probably order mine today and I've got a Sprint T600).
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    Are you concerned that the I-volution case doesn't protect the screen adequately? If not, why not?
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    Originally posted by paz5559
    Are you concerned that the I-volution case doesn't protect the screen adequately? If not, why not?
    I am concerned, and that's the one thing that's holding me back from ordering it. I'm weighing the convenience of no flip-lid vs the protection of having it.

    Despite the pain-in-the-**** flip lid of my Treo 300, it was handy b/c the lid was transparent so you had the screen protection provided by the lid, but the convenience of being able to see who's calling without opening it.

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